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Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals
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Track 1 Mr. Quizmee Theme Song
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Tracks 2-9 About Birds
Tracks 10-16 About Reptiles and Amphibians
Tracks 17-23 About Insects and Arachnids
Tracks 24-29 About Mammals
Tracks 30 We’ll See You Next Time!

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Executive Producers: Frank and Wendy Shadpour
Producer/Director/Engineer: James R. Alburger
Co-Producer: Penny Abshire
Production: The Commercial Clinic
Written by: Wendy Shadpour
Edited by: James R. Alburger and Penny Abshire
Original Music: David Helpling, DHM Music
Creative Consultant: Mel Hall, Cinira Corporation
Illustrations & Graphics: Barrett Novack I&D
Vocal Coordinator: Joni Wilson

Mr. Quizmee: Wally Wingert
Miss Bright: Penny Abshire
Pips the Penguin: Marc Biagi
Stage Manager Stan: Rob Shepherd
Grandma Grammar: Heather Martinez
Hitch the Hummingbird: James R. Alburger
Betty Bee: Mindy Damon
Geck the Gekko: John Aviles
Dr. Discovery: Alane Schnelker
Leonard L. Bug: Brian Rentschler
Professor Mappit: Clifford S. Saunders, PhD
Ricket T. Cricket: Phil Ganyon
Roger Rhino: Dave Modzak
Hetty Historian: Peggy Schneider
Henrietta Howler Monkey: Tracy Myers
THE KIDS: Sarah Hopkins, Laura Hopkins,
Jessica Lerner, Zev Lerner,
Ari Lerner, Delana Delgado,
Stephanie Hable, Victoria Fantozzi

Inspired by Steven, David and Michelle Shadpour

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CD Cover illustrations and characters of Mr. Quizmee, Miss Bright, Pips the Penguin,
Roger the Rhino, Henrietta the Howler Monkey, and Geck the Gecko
created by Barrett Novack Illustration & Graphic Design
for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals".

CD Cover illustrations and art for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About...Our Watery World"
and Activity Book pages designed by Mike Eustis Illustration

Audio Production, Design and Engineering for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals" by
James Alburger and Penny Abshire of The Commercial Clinic

Audio Production, Design & Engineering for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About...Our Watery World" by
DHM Music

Music & Scoring for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About..." CDs composed and performed by
David Helping - DHM Music

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